Block & Tackle are a design-driven production company in the Big Apple focused on visual storytelling through animation, live-action and stop-motion. Based in Long Island City, they found studio space at a steal and filled it with locally made furniture, crafted by veteran Opendesk makers: The Factory NYC.

Wanting to upgrade from the IKEA furniture they began with, Block & Tackle kitted out their space with four Lean desks, multiple Fin Locker Planters and Bookshelf Planters, a Lift standing desk and two Studio desks.

The result is a flexible and collaborative space for a team of 15 talented creatives.

We caught up with the founders, Adam and Ted, on their process, the products they chose and what’s next for this exciting agency.

“We’re big fans of the Fin Locker Planter and Fin Bookshelf Planter because, well, we’re big fans of plants!”

Ted, Founder, Block & Tackle

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