Values and beliefs

  1. Embracing Design & Technology to deliver positive change
  2. Be an Open innovation platform, open to work with independent designers and makers as partners to create a unique value proposition for customers
  3. Putting people & planet first. We want to create beautiful furniture but safely, ethically and sustainably.

放制Openmake is a Chinese design & technology company established in 2016 as a permanent collaboration between and放制 Openmake is confident and Chinese. China is our home and we are here for Chinese consumers. We want to offer international design and innovative use of digital technology to create a new and exciting options for modern consumers in China.

Opendesk is a UK design & technology company founded in London in 2013, and considered to be one of the most innovate furniture companies in the world. Opendesk was founded on the belief that digital design and local, digital manufacturing can create furniture in a completely new way, called Open Making. Opendesk was founded in East London’s design district of Hackney by five co-founders, one of whom has now moved to Shanghai to permanently support 放制Openmake.

Like Opendesk and Douban, 放制 Openmake believes in authenticity, self-development and an open minded approach to life. We wants to bring thoughtful & enjoyable design furniture to enhance your home and your life. We want to long lasting quality that is good for you, your family and for the planet we share.


Opendesk was founded on the belief that digital design and local, digital manufacturing can create furniture in a completely new way. Using the efficiency of the internet and digital fabrication, furniture is only created when and where it is needed.

Using modern design software, we find design talent all over the world and create an open platform for talent to make a name for themselves.

Open Making is a concept developed by the Opendesk founders. Open Making means that we work with independent designers and independent professional manufacturers in an open and respectful way. Each order is processed and made to the client’s requirements by a through a network of specialised professional workshops – not just in China but in 100 countries around the world.

Part of Open Making is an open approach to the DIY community, and to help educate and inspire people around the world to make their own furniture. To support this community, and in particular the people active in the Maker Movement, Opendesk has provided several furniture designs to this community free of charge. Opendesk was invited to participate in several Makerfaires, where Opendesk has won both editor and public’s choice awards for its inspiring concept and innovative designs.

放制 Openmake is the next step in this development, embracing the Open Making spirit and concept and creating furniture and accessories specifically for modern Chinese consumers.