• International design talent, designing for Chinese homes

    International design talent, designing for Chinese homes

    • Two designs are part of permanent collection of Vitra Design Museum
    • One design in V&A museum in London (2017 exhibition)
    • Shortlisted for “furniture of the year” by Icon magazine
    • Two designs are exhibited in “Design Society” opening exhibition (2017) in Shenzhen
    • We find talented designers anywhere in the world and invite them to design furniture for customers in China
    • We are an open innovation platform, we collaborate with young up-and-coming designers but also with famous designers like Tom Dixon
  • Digital design & making

    Digital design & making

    • No inventory waste: furniture is made on demand, just for you. You don’t pay for middlemen, inventory or distribution.
    • No material waste: only the material that is needed, is used. You don’t pay for inefficiency in production.
    • No time waste: you order directly from us, we immediately produce for you using digital designs and digital manufacturing technology.
    • We produce locally in hundreds of locations around the world and in several locations in China. Being in many cities helps us better understand the needs of modern customers in different locations.
  • Healthy for people and planet

    Healthy for people and planet

    • Made from imported wood grown in the pristine Nordic forests, one of the cleanest places on the planet.
    • No toxic paints or releasing any substances used that can cause harm.
    • No formaldehyde in your home!
    • All wood is grown sustainably in forests which are replanted after harvest (FSC certified)
    • Our furniture is trusted by Greenpeace for their entire office in London.
  • Value for money

    Value for money

    • Award winning design furniture for your home
    • Digital, local manufacturing of every order creates efficiency
    • Using only healthy, sustainable materials and production methods
    • High quality and good value for money